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  • EcoStruxure Connected Room
    Solutions for Hotels

    Today’s luxury and full-service hotels must deliver engaging, personalized services to retain guest loyalty. EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels deliver the ultimate in-room comfort experience, while also driving greater efficiency, savings, and operational performance.

    Boost guest confidence with healthy, resilient hotels

    How can hotels go beyond obvious measures to instill confidence in guests and staff that their properties are consistently healthy, clean, and safe? We have recently gathered a panel of experts to discuss how operators can leverage innovative hotel technology to create healthy, resilient hotels while still maintaining a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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  • People-centric
  • Resilient
  • Hyper-efficient
  • Sustainable

Whether it’s an overnight stay or a three-week vacation, expectations for hotels have never been higher. Touchless technologies, indoor air quality management, UV light disinfection and UV germicidal irradiation are just a few ways hotels can provide enhanced hygiene and safety to ensure well-being and peace of mind for guests.

With EcoStruxure for Hotels solutions, companies like Hilton have operated their properties more efficiently, allowing them to maximize guest experience while reducing energy costs.

Delivering a healthier hotel

  • Today’s hotel guests expect a truly memorable experience and a fully connected and personalized guest room. For the ultimate in-room experience, EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels provides convenient guest room control of temperature, lighting, housekeeping, and much more, using modern room sensors and elegantly designed guest-facing controls.
  • To offer occupant comfort, hotel operators need systems performing optimally with limited budgetary and maintenance resources. EcoStruxure Building Advisor, a suite of analytic monitoring services, allows you to manage all your buildings with a single tool, across different systems and equipment. Continuous monitoring and performance trends ensure your systems and equipment are operating as designed and you can focus on business priorities and guests.
  • Hotels demand simple integration across systems and easy access to IoT devices. With EcoStruxure Building Operation, building managers can integrate and facilitate data exchange from multiple systems to improve staff productivity, reduce guest complaints, and enable superior guest room functionality.

Our hotel technology provides visibility, analysis, and control of your hotel’s energy consumption and power systems to maximize the uptime and efficiency of your electrical systems. By leveraging our full suite of solutions, hotels are able to:

• Provide safety, reliability, and comfort to guests and staff.
• Increase operational and energy efficiency for reduced OpEx.
• Reduce CapEx thanks to the extended life of equipment and the overall installation.

Delivering resilient solutions

  • Our resilient EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels can help you increase guest satisfaction with a fully connected, personalized guest room experience. Our digital technology provides operators with seamless integration of building, guest room and property management systems for greater insights and control for enhanced guest room management efficiency, savings, and operational performance.
  • IT and electrical distribution equipment problems are usually discovered too late, resulting in expensive operational losses, as well as urgent and time-consuming maintenance. This reactive approach to asset performance management exposes hotel operators and their employees to critical risks and uncertainty every day. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor can enhance security and reduce downtime by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing your critical connected products for greater peace of mind.
  • For real impact on operating costs and asset value, hotel operators need to find a comprehensive, resilient solution with limited budgetary and maintenance resources. EcoStruxure Building Advisor, a suite of analytic monitoring services, offers precisely that. It unlocks your Building Management System’s operational performance so you can remotely and proactively maintain your hotels. It provides key insights into your operations by constantly monitoring systems and identifying faults to proactively address inefficiencies.
  • Keeping your power management system operating smoothly is essential for any hotel. With EcoStruxure Power Advisor, hotel operators can receive expert advice with advanced algorithms to proactively address potential issues and optimize the system's performance for increased power reliability.

Optimize operations and productivity with integrated systems and connected devices that provide actionable information and enable remote troubleshooting and proactive maintenance; attract and empower employees with a digital work environment that gives them the kinds of connected tools and environment they expect and demand.

With EcoStruxure for Hotels solutions, companies like Hilton Garden Inn have easily integrated property and building management systems to ensure they operate their buildings more efficiently.

Delivering efficient solutions

  • Modernize your hotel with hyper-efficient EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels to optimize operations and productivity with fully connected and integrated systems and devices. With our digital technology, operators are provided with actionable information to quickly resolve or even mitigate maintenance issues, enhance guest room management efficiency, and offer a digital work environment.
  • To be hyper-efficient, modern smart hotels need integration across all systems and easy access to IoT devices. EcoStruxure Building Operation helps hotel managers integrate and facilitate data exchange from multiple systems to manage and optimize buildings and improve engineering efficiency.
  • Hotel operators need digital solutions to anticipate and address issues before they become critical incidents to avoid safety risks, operational losses, and expensive maintenance. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor helps improve efficiency and reduce downtime by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing connected products in hotels.

Guest rooms are unoccupied 70% of the time, yet account for 40-80% of hotel energy consumption. With guest room analytics, occupancy-based energy management, and intuitive guest-facing technology, operators can reduce hotel energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and give guests the comfort, control, and convenience they expect.

With EcoStruxure for Hotels solutions, hotels like the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore have been at the forefront of sustainability and reduced their carbon footprint by 34%.

Delivering sustainable solutions

  • With our sustainable EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels, you can offer a personalized guest room experience and, at the same time, reduce energy consumption. Its occupancy-based management automatically controls lighting, blinds and HVAC to reduce energy use in unoccupied rooms, and restores settings when guests return. This digital technology provides operators with unique tools to improve guest room management and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Modern hotels need to show their guests that they care about the environment and are sustainable. Thanks to our solution — EcoStruxure Building Operation — building managers can use the data from multiple hotel systems to improve operational efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Managing your energy and sustainability footprint is a growing challenge for all hotels. EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor enables operators to collect, analyze, and automate information that matters for your sustainability goals. Operators can aggregate all cross-enterprise, energy, and sustainability information in a single, cloud-based platform and then transform that data into actionable insights.

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How hotels can reach net zero

How can existing hotels tackle the operational net zero carbon challenge? Find out with our real-life case study. Follow our high-level framework and learn more about the impact of different interventions at each stage of the journey.
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Deliver healthy, resilient hotels

How can hotels go beyond obvious measures to instill confidence in guests and staff that their properties are consistently healthy, clean, and safe? Watch our expert learning session to find out.
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Marriott makes luxury and efficiency work together with our hotel technology, giving guests a world-class experience while achieving 10% to 15% energy savings.

Evolution Lisboa

Designed to attract tech-savvy customers, this hotel in Portugal uses our solutions to give guests total control of their room and managers control of their energy usage.

Fort Garry Hotel

Our building and guest room management software, systems, and connected devices enable automation, visibility, and control for this historic hotel in Canada.

Le Méridien

This hotel in India uses EcoStruxure for Hotels to simplify operations, increase visibility into energy use, reduce costs, and maintain an exemplary guest experience.

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